📸 Meet the Farmington Tigers

Head coach Adam Thurston and his Farmington Tigers are getting geared up for their season opener on Friday and we had a chance to catch up with them last night for a photo session.

The Tigers will play host to the 42nd Annual Mike Lee Holiday Basketball Bash on Dec. 26-30 and we’ll be there to cover the action the whole way, including photoshoots like this with participating schools.

0Aiden PlaceSOG
1Brody TuftsSRG
2Brian BoisvertJRG
3Jeffrey DiPrizioSRG
4Shawn MurphySOF
5Brian WeeksSRG
10Matt PattersonSRF
13Matt SavoyJRF
15Jordan BerkoJRF
20Luke CardinalJRF
22Aaron WalterSRF
33Joey O’BrienSRF

Head Coach: Adam Thurston

Assistant Coaches: Nolan Chretien & Jason Cronier