About us

They say to do what you love, so here we are.

Ball 603 snuck onto the New Hampshire sports scene in December of 2021 and we’re aimed at providing high-quality coverage of New Hampshire high school basketball through a fresh and professional lens, both figuratively and literally. We are also focused on integrating local hoop junkies around the state to help bring you our coverage. We have partnerships in place with some Granite State hoop icons to bring you a passionate take on the sport that we all love. And, we have a growing work force of photographers and videographers, mostly amazing volunteers, that are poised to highlight the many amazing basketball stories around the state.

Ball 603 is founded and run by hoops junkie, KJ Cardinal. KJ first started graphic design, website development and video production at Northeastern University, working four years in college athletics before graduating in 2003. He moved on to the America East Conference, becoming Assistant Commissioner for Communications for the NCAA Division I athletic conference. Cardinal co-founded Pack Network in March 2007 and has been the force behind Pack Network’s video production progression from online webcasts to full-scale television productions that can be seen on stations like NESN and ESPN+ to name a few. He resides in his hometown of Farmington with his wife Angie and two children, Anna, Leo.

KJ’s idea of Ball 603 blossomed in the fall of 2019 and our team has been pouring our hearts into all aspects to make our coverage a success. Our love affair with basketball ranges from directing youth basketball programs and coaching school teams to working in college athletics and on video productions around the country.

It’s a unique skill set that has been developed and well received in Farmington. Through the Farmington Tigers facebook page, this idea took form and we think you’ll love the results of this fresh new take on covering high school sports. We like to call it visual storytelling. We plan to bring you everything from print and photo coverage to video highlights and live streaming.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we have planned or becoming one of our local contributors, please reach out to KJ at kj@ball603.com. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the show!

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