Ball 603 puts the FREE in Live Free or Die

In a time of subscription-based content and pay per view video streams, Ball 603 is bucking the trend by proudly offering ALL of our content for FREE! That’s right, no subscriptions necessary to watch live events, enjoy highlight packages, view and download photos or read content. We are simply offering some of the highest quality content in the state at no cost because we want to showcase the hard working student-athletes and coaches and want EVERYONE to see it… not just those that subscribe. So, enjoy our FREE coverage. 

If you’re a business that is interested in sponsoring our free content, reach out. Your contributions will only help us sustain and continue to grow our coverage. We have a rapidly growing following and you have the chance to get in on our inaugural season.

Email Ball 603 creator KJ Cardinal at today to learn more! 

Enjoy the show!