All 88 NHIAA schools & 173 varsity teams covered!

By: KJ Cardinal

Following this week’s coverage, we have now covered ALL 88 NHIAA SCHOOLS for the second season in a row and for the first time ever, we have covered ALL 173 NHIAA VARSITY TEAMS in the Granite State! This means we’ve had a photographer or videographer at one of your games to showcase your team through our unique visual storytelling. We’ve been at nearly 400 games already this season!

We’ve shared beautiful photos and video highlights and created graphics to celebrate memorable moments from all over the state. We’ve taken your fan submissions and provided bonus coverage of big moments like buzzer beaters, half-court shots and highlight dunks. We’ve thankfully been able to do this all at no cost to your school and without the requirement of sponsorships for our coverage. We’ve simply cranked out high-quality content that is FREE to you, the viewer, and the results have been mind-blowing.

Our coverage has been balanced and wide spread and the growth we’ve made in just our third season is a huge source of pride to us over at Ball 603, most especially our amazing contributors. These folks are volunteering their time to showcase YOU and they couldn’t be more excited to be a part of our team.

Just over 25 months ago, we burst onto the NH hoops scene and we’ve rapidly grown our online presence as we now boast over 14,000 followers across our social media platforms. Over the last 12 months, these social media accounts have made an unbelievable 5.8 million impressions to 1.7 million users! Those numbers are impressive to say the least for one-sport coverage from an outlet only 25 months in existence.

The only way we’ve been able to reach every nook and cranny in the Granite State is thanks to our amazing, passionate and extremely hardworking and dedicated staff and contributors. While we can’t make it to EVERY game, we have been able to cover EVERY team and it’s a goal that’s only been achieved thanks to these amazing folks…

Andy Romike
Betsy Hansen
Chris Laclair, Chris Clicks Photography
Cindy Lavigne, Lavigne’s Live Shots
Danielle Cook, DC Sports Photos
Dave Beliveau
Ethan Kimball
Greg Alnwick
Hannah Smith
Heidi Green, Heidi Green Photography
Hyuntae Jee, Jee Visuals
Jeff Criss, Perfect Photos
John Scott Sherburne
Juliette Tarsa
Kaiden Melendez
Mike Munhall
Nate Ford
Rick Wilson, Rick Wilson Photos
Shirley Nickles
Todd Grzywacz, Stonewall Photography

KJ Cardinal, Founder – Email
Jill Stevens, Photographer
Mike Whaley, Writer
Simon Scott, Videographer – Scott Mediaa
Tim Lee, Videographer
Angie Cardinal, Business Manager – Email
Leo Cardinal, Assistant

We know there’s a lot of basketball left to be played this season, but we just wanted to take a moment to recognize this goal that we’ve reached and thank our contributors and staff for their hard work and our fans for all their support.

With this achievement, we can officially say… We’re everywhere! Enjoy the show!